Monday, November 07, 2005

The Pitter Patter of Size Zero Feet

"Cut off your toe. When you are queen you will no longer have to go on foot." "Cut a piece off your heel. When you are queen you will no longer have to go on foot." - Words from the Stepmother from Cinderella to her two daughters.(Grimm's Fairytales)

Imagine if you will, that in this fairytale land we call Second life that in order to fit in one must stuff their foot into a tiny slipper. A size zero slipper as it shall be called henceforth. Cinderella's two stepsisters mutilated their feet to fit into the size 0 slipper in order to marry the prince.

From Cinderella we will move on to China (where the original story of Cinderella originated). In China it was a sign of great beauty to have very small feet. The people became so infatuated with this ideal foot size that they began binding their feet to fit tiny shoes. This caused great pain for the women subjected to this practice.

This custom is being brought over to Second Life. Every time I buy a pair of shoes I feel like the evil step sisters. Smashing my feet to an impossible size in order to fit them into the size zero slipper. Only to pan my camera around and realize my long legged self looks as if she might topple over at any instant. Without the pain of bindings or cracking our precious shoes another facet of the idea of beauty comes to light.
The ideal Barbie shape, with her tiny pointed feet. Something used to make the legs look longer and therefore more attractive. Have you ever noticed something about Barbie though? She can't freaking STAND UP. No matter how you try her little stilt-like legs cant support her huge head of hair. (On a side note did you ever try to fit Ken's feet in Barbie shoes? I sure as hell did!)

I've seen numerous 6'+ women in Second Life with size zero feet. It's amazing to see how proportion is ignored in the face of personal beauty. We live in a world where people are free to contort their avatars in a way that is physically impossible (or at least damn unlikely) Frankly I like my size 24 feet. Now if only we had toes...


  1. I have made my feet smaller, precisely down to size 0, to fit in some shoes I liked. But then, over time, I began to think: I've accomodated the footwear—but can it accomodate me?

    This eventually led to me wearing comfy footwear like Heart Wishbringer's big fuzzy frog slippers, as well as resizing other shoes to make them chunky and fun.

    I'll admit it doesn't work so well on the highheels, which is ~precisely~ why I still want a SHOEHAT. Then, I can enlarge it like 16x and put a chinstrap and it will save me.

  2. I make and sell shoes... it's hard to make a pair that don't look like massive clown shoes for feet size over 0 because the shoe prims add to the bulk of the foot. I like normal size bare feet too... 20 or so. 10 at the very least. But slap a pair of shoes on those babies and you've got army tank feet. The dilema is one that keeps me up at night. I don't think I'll ever have inner peace as long as this continues.

  3. Personally, I like big ol' punky boots on a female. Down with dainty!