Sunday, April 15, 2007

Avatar Expression - A New Book

I am constantly fascinated and amazed by how people express their personality inside Second Life, and that interest has finally culminated in a new book called “Avatar Expression”, which you can get in either Second Life or in paperback form in that good-ole thing called Real Life. The book contains 56 color photographs of Second Life avatars.

You can see some of the images from the book and learn how to get the virtual or real copies at the Figments website or by going to the Figments Sky Garden in Bisque (there's a partial gallery set up). The virtual version is free, and the RL paperback is available for US$13.68 (priced at the manufacturing cost, i.e. as free as I can make it).

This project was truly a collaboration with the avatars who agreed to be photographed, and I thank them for their time and energy. My goal was to capture as much of the avatar as possible. I asked each person to pick their looks, their poses and their locations, and we went from there. As I noted in the foreword, this book is not intended to be a “best of” or “top avatars” or any of that nonsense. There are innumerable brilliant and expressive avatars out there in Second Life; this group just happened to be a few of the brilliant and expressive avatars I am lucky enough to know or have introduced to me.

Avatars included were: Ash Garden, Ben Vanguard, BushidoBrown Hightower, Celebrity Trollop, Cory Edo, Evangeline Suavage, Fallingwater Cellardoor, Haver Cole, HoseQueen McQueen & Zyrra Falcone, hyasynth Tiramasu, Ingrid Ingersoll, Kazuhiro Aridian, Makaio Stygian, Polyester Patridge, Psyra Extraordinaire, Salome Strangeglove, Satchmo Prototype, Toast Bard, Vudu Suavage, Vas Legend, Willow Zander, Wynx Whiplash (and accompanying Tinies)

Below: the Figments Sky Garden where you can get a virtual copy

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