Friday, May 23, 2008

The AvaStar Becomes a Blog!

The popular tabloid "The AvaStar", which was released every week in PDF format, now turned into a blog, using Typo3 as the CMS engine.

Not only this will mean a more regular output of new articles — instead of having to wait a whole week for them to come out — but another interesting aspect is that the AvaStar is turning to other virtual worlds as well. One wonders if they feel the pressure from Massively, which, since absorbing Second Life Insider, also turned to other virtual worlds.

Their blog features a lot of new things to build up a "community of readers" — like so many "social Websites", it also has things like photo sharing (videos in the future) and an events calendar. It now has separate RSS feeds for its several areas.

One wonders if the future of all electronic newspapers is the blog format. Will the Second Style Magazine become a blog, too? :)