Thursday, August 30, 2007

Second Life Parent Control Tool

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Virtual world news reported on a competition to create a open-soure parental control in Second life.
TUV and Beatenetworks announced a competition for an open-source parental control tool in Second Life. Earlier this year, the German television network ARD reported on depictions of child pornography in Second Life, prompting nation-wide concerns over content control in Second Life. In June CEO Philip Rosedale discussed country-specific filtering tools with the German magazine Focus, but nothing more on that front has been announced. It looks like TUV and Beatenetworks are trying to capitalize on the demand for age controls without requiring a more intrusive age verification scheme like the one discussed by Linden in May.

parental control
Funny is that this was annouched on the 22nd just before Linden Lab gave more information about there own sceme, last week. But there is something more delicious ironic about a parental control tool for Second Life.

Second life and specificly the maingrid is in the present for adults only. Parents have already lost control when their childern are there already. So what is the goal of this tool? It would basicly promote the use of Second Life by childern, and give parents a fake sense of security.

Instead if making a account for them on Teen Second Life they would send them to the adult grid with this tool. However good this tool will be, there will always be ways to circumvent it.

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The shady truth about Barnesworth Anubis

Barnesworth has finally come out and admitted it: he is a thief. I always knew that guy was sketchy. Thank God he has publicly apologized to the indigenous peoples of Indonesia and their ancestors.

OK, his post is pretty funny, but it is sad as well. Barnes has the ability to deflate hot air out of a drama balloon with a poke of good humor, but these petty accusations of theft have been going on for so long.

If you take an old concept into a new medium, you do not all of a sudden gain ownership of that concept. You might consider yourself an innovator, but please do not think of yourself as an inventor. We see this nonsense all the time in the US patent system with obvious software patents, and we've seen it for years in Second Life (you brought a miniskirt into SL? no you thief, I did that first! you made a virtual log cabin?! that was MY idea!).

We see people using third party textures or images they find on the internet, and claiming ownership because they think they are the first to load it into Second Life. Absurd. Particularly rich is when someone steals IP from a major brand, and then accuses someone else of stealing when it is duplicated in Second Life. We also see people throwing fits over the natural process of artistic influence that has been going on since time immemorial.

Well, ok, I admit that I think Braque is a second rate Cezanne but that's neither here nor there.

These claims and petty dramas dilute the importance of real IP theft that does go on. Of course, I don't expect any of this to stop but one can always dream.

Still, thank you Barnes for the laugh of the morning.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

SL Woodstock event

There is a cool music event going on in Second Life today and tomorrow. Here is the latest notecard I received on the festivities:

August 16 , 17, & 18th
7:00PM-9:00PM SLT

Things are changing every day, so please visit us at for all the latest changes from performers to times.


Twilight Gardens on Edloe (61,131,29)

7-8 PA SL Band/ Real life band name Produto Acabado
8-9 Grateful Stryker
7-8 Clayton
8-9 Cylindrian Rutabaga

Nowhereville (181,189, 23) -Los Arboles

7-8 Sebastian Jacks
8-9 Spence Wilder
7-8 FoxyFlowr Cure
8-9 Grace McDunnough
12-1 Natalie Moody
1-2 Jacek Zehetbauer
2-3 Rich Desoto

Club Cocomo on Pitt Island (133,113,25)

7-8 JueL Resistance
8-9 Ictus Belford
7-8 Lyndon Heart
8-9 Sojurn Rossini

SLWoodstock currently sponsored by:
DJ Doubledown Tandino spinning the 60s Phychadelic Funk & Rock

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Grant awarded for Accesible Second Life Client.

Someone on the educators mailinglist send notice that a $90k Grant was awarded to Eelke Folmer from the Univerity of Nevada, to develop an Accesible Client for Second Life. Number 7 on this list.

Now what that exactly means i'm not sure, and what kind of improvements he has in mind. From reading his 2 website Eelke and Helpyouplay i do see he is very much in usability and accessibility, which the current SL client could a lot of improvements on.

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Parody Song about Second Life

Jurinjuran just twitter'd this great mp3 about Second Life by sarcasticgamer. Seeing that name it will not surprise it is sarcastic. ;)

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