Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Raise

Untill now all that I have seen was that after Feb 1th, they might raise the monthly price on the existing Islands. But Zee L. has come out on the congierce townhall and said the following:
"Zee Linden: We will not raise the $195 if you continue to own your server throughout 2007 for all private island regions currently owned and bought now. If you transfer that region, after Feb 1st we may decide we need to raise the price upon transfer. Sorry for the confusion on that point. If you keep owning your island, we won’t raise your price. If you transfer it between now and Feb 1st to someone else they will not pay more throughout 2007. If you transfer it after Feb 1st, we may decide and will announce with enough time for you to react that we need to raise the price for the person the grandfathered region goes to. Keep your server keep your price
That's good news, and atleast a year of price security.
Link to transcript on LL Blog.

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