Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Classifieds icons on the World Map. Do we use them?

It looks like the cassifieds icons on the world map is one of the two search functions that is still turned off.
"This means the only things left to fix from this batch are:

* Search > Places
* Classifieds icons on the World Map

We look forward to bringing them back ASAP for your continued usage — pardon, no ETA yet, but testing and work continues, so count on regular updates from me."

After the first few weeks they where added to the map I stopped looking at them because the amounth of them is simply overwhelming and because of that not very usefull. The only use I can think of is to find out if there are classifieds in a certain region(s). But why you would want to know that beyond random curiosity i'm not sure.

The following questions i have are, does someone use them and for what reason? And would you be hurt if they never returned, to remove load from the database?


  1. It feels like a receipt and that wow my store exisists.

    Very basic human feelings that I am proud of. /Tina

  2. I've not ever used them. To me, restoring the Places and Classified search functionality in the FIND window are far more important than anything map related.

  3. The only things I use in the map view are people and land sales. I might turn on events now and then, but can't imagine turning on classifieds.

  4. I have as much turned off as possible; I don't show classifieds, popular places, infohubs, or events unless I'm looking for something in particular.