Wednesday, March 07, 2007

spam blog

I hate BLOGGER (spam lockout), originally uploaded by Eric Rice.

spam blog, originally uploaded by MrFrans.

This is what we have been staring at the last few days. Appearantly the stupids bots at blogger considered SLOG a spam blog, and we couldn't post untill a admin/mod came around to check the blog. :(

What kind of whack shit is that. It would have been great if they told us how and what caused it, because really all the posts and comments look pretty normal to me. Maybe the recent articles where so good they got linked to, to much. I will have to keep thinking that, to stay sane.


  1. Sheer ruddy impertinence!

    No... I mean it.
    I love your blog.
    Ok... not love in a physical sense, you understand. More a platonic thing.

    But that is truly bizarre. Glad to have you back!

  2. Actually, "splog" or "slog" are two common shorthands for "Spam Blogs"; as people linked to you using "slog", Google assumed is was to point at a wrong doer...
    Computers are not ready for a Turgins test yet.

  3. Hi ... too bad Blogger, same here a week ago. :( But keep up the good work! See you, Niles

  4. don´t worry it happened to me also... they had my blog block for 5 days
    for nothing...

    Aritfical Stupity

  5. That is interesting to know that Spam blogs are called slog sometimes. I had no idea.