Wednesday, April 02, 2008

CSI:NY in Second Life — Here Comes The Second Episode Featuring Second Life®

Take your seats, grab your popcorn, it's time to leave your computer logged out of Second Life® and watch the second episode featuring your favourite virtual world on tonight's show of CSI:NY at 10:00 EDT (if you're lucky to be in the US to watch it, of course — the rest of the world will have to wait).

Dubbed "DOA for a Day", it should not only end the small two-episode series about Second Life® in CSI:NY, but also be the farewell of the long months of the CSI:NY islands in SL. Some observant residents have noticed that the Electric Sheep Company has once again increased the number of Orientation Areas for CSI:NY.

Let's hope that the rolling upgrade to Havok™ 4 that is currently going on will help out the many new users to feel comfortable with a (hopefully) more stable and improved Second Life®.

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