Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to attach to your points.

Angrybeth Shortbread, has made some great diagrams about attachment points. It clearly show where they are and can be a great help in getting all your attachments in the right place.

Virtual Neko took this opportunity to at length explain how attachments work, and what you can do to wear all those must have accessories.
"So you bought a cute tail, and when you chose “wear,” it attached (by default) to your stomach. No problem.

Then you bought an amazing accessory belt, but when you chose “wear,” your tail disappeared because the belt also attaches (by default) to your stomach.

Then you tried to wear your skirt prim, and there went the belt… replaced by the skirt, because the skirt also attaches (by default) to your stomach.

With 30 possible attachment points, you’d think getting dressed wouldn’t be so hard…"

Head over to virtual neko if you need help with your attachments, or if you can use a some new tips.

Angrybeth also made a similar diagram for clothing layers.

I expect you all to have perfectly aligned attachments from now on.


  1. Frans, thanks so much for including this on your blog... I'm honored. :-)

    Stacia Villota
    The Virtual Neko

  2. Seemed to being Interesting


  3. This comes in handy!

  4. Great, the pic are great to explain to newbies how the things works. :P

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