Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LL has a new Open Source Director.

Scott Lawrence just joined Linden Lab and has become Oz Linden. A aptly chosen name that alludes to the wizard behind the curtain and Open Source in general. Scott will be the new Director of Open Development, taking over from Rob Lanphier who has left LL a couple of months ago.

Rob had been the Open Source 'busybody' for about three years at LL before moving on. He has was greatly appreciated and during his absence it became clear that a dedicated open source person was being missed. It took some time for LL to find the right person to fill his shoes.

For the last ~7 years Scott has been been leading the Open Source sipXecs SIP PBX project. His new role at the Lab will be as he puts it: "to expand and improve the open source viewer program".

Besides being the Director of Open Development, he will also be heading up the Applied Engineering team with the "mission of making our sustaining activities for the viewer even more responsive to the needs of our Residents".

Hopefully Oz Linden will be able to fill the Lab and the open source community with renewed energy to work on great new features and improvements in collaboration with each other.

If you have a facebook account you can see him here scooting around on his motorized skateboard!

You can read his introduction email here.

Hat tip to Opensource Obscure.

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