Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Around the SL blogosphere

Recent interesting entries in the SL blogosphere:

Gwyneth Llewelyn on “generations” of SL users – if you found Aimee’s politics article interesting, you might also enjoy Gwen’s post.

Jauani Wu, always a colorful and controversial character on the forums, has a brand new blog -- I particularly liked his response to prok in the comments section of the Nov. 4th post where he discusses the role the avatar can play in the building process.

PARC's Play On has a short post on avatar communication, summarizing a recent conference presentation they did. Much of Play On focuses on WoW (I have never played), which is not surprising given that mmorpg’s market dominance. The Daedalus project also has some interesting analyses on mmorpgs, including one on buying gold.

Finally, on the breaking news front, check out this post on Clickable Culture where Forterra Systems, formerly There, has filed patent suits claiming infringement against methods for instant messaging with a 3D virtual environment. EDIT: speaking of Clickable Culture, this post is also interesting.

Comments or other interesting links? send me an IM in-world or PM me on the SL forums.

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