Monday, November 28, 2005

Worshipping the Almighty PP!

I had almost forgotten that it existed, the "Popular Places" (all hail the almighty PP!) listings. Back in the famed days of Darko's Cannibis Cathedral, a full effort was put forth by many people to break the dwell record of 30,000. Well, Dwellnor hath long since been defeated, and now people worship at the altar of the mighty TRAFFICVS.

I did a double take seeing traffic counts approaching 100,000, then realized that the number of people a simulator can handle simultaneously was allowing traffic counts to reach new levels. Unfortunately, its a house built on a foundation of sand. I visited a sim that had 83 people in it, spread out in various areas, featuring dancing, tringo, slingo and more. I explored each area and approached the people in it, saying a friendly "Hello!" or "Howdy!" Out of the 83 people in the simulator, I got a reply from exactly three. I spent nearly an hour going to the different corners of the sim trying to find answers to queries that puzzled me... mainly, why are you doing this?

Now, all three of these people were very nice, and when asked questions, after about a minute they would reply; however, it was quite clear that people were gathered at this location to make a pittance. Is this kind of THX-1138 existence worth it for the quest of popularity? Is the metaverse just going to turn into a gym where we all stand on virtual treadmills to ensure other peoples' popularity? Is it really popularity if people are just visiting you to make money? How can these people not realize that you can get L$1000.00 for less that the price of coffee at LindeX or Anshe? Do they realize that the electricity and time they're wasting to accrue L$1000.00 is costing them more than they're making?

I set out to find out the answers to these questions. I just found it very unfortunate that no one was answering my questions, since they all appeared to be (Away) or (Busy).

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