Friday, September 29, 2006

Picnicking with Philip

Philip Rosedale/Linden is in Amsterdam this week for the Picnic '06, a cross media event where several media companies come together and is focused on creativity in cross media content and technology, specifically in the fields of entertainment and communication.

Menno and SLI reported about it as well, and Alice did a write up of Philip's big SL demo. It is mostly old stuff for us, but there are some nice stats that she bolded, which I post here and comment on.

“19,000 landowners
80 sq miles, about as big as Amsterdam
20 million objects
20 terabytes of user created content
13 teraflops of simulation“
I wonder how many of those 19k users are first land owners, and how many have own multiple sims. It surprises me that SL is as big as Amsterdam, SL feels much larger. And wow we broke the 20TB, if you think about it, that isn't even so much if you consider all the content and the hours we spent using it. I know if I would watch compressed video instead of playing SL and save all that, it would easily be much more then 20TB for me alone.
“Median age is over 30

Wee, I'm still young! :P

But this is not all, since Philip is in Amsterdam he couldn't waste the opportunity to meet ME, :P oh and Menno Ophelia and kai Sachertorte. It was a quickly put together meet up, I was only contacted yesterday evening about it, which is probably good i think, makes it less of a event and more of a friendly meet up. Although I'm sure some people are jealous now, and wished they had known. :P

It was a interesting get together of just 4 people that talked about the thing they love. The meet up was planned to be from 13:00 to 14:30 but we ended up leaving close to 16:00. You can be assured we had a good time. We couldn't really stop talking even after Philip left and chatted even for a while outside while getting our bikes. (yes we are Dutch we all came on bike)

The topics ranged from just who we are and what we do in RL/SL, to usage stats, demographics, weird experiences, why we prefer to chat in English to other Dutchies, Dutch community or the lack of it in SL, almost daily attempts of grid attacks, voice in SL and what our most annoying complaints are. And I'm sure there where many more topics I skipped now. Nothing new or particularly exciting was mentioned by Philip, so no inside news there, in case you where wondering. :p

It was really just like 4 old friends meet up and talked about what they love. Philip was sincerely interested and wrote a page of a small pocket notebook of comments down, and besides that he is good company to lounge with in a hip Amsterdam restaurant. I Hope something good comes from it, and even if not, I had a good time, and I'm sure so had the others. :)

Pics, from left to right: Frans, Menno, Philip and kai.For some reason we look a bit surprised here.

And we got swag! \o/

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  1. Good lord that happened fast, after I first heard of it! Good on ya guys, and great report, Frans!