Sunday, October 01, 2006

Links 1-10-2006

I was reading through some resident blogs, and 2 things catched my eye that I hadn't seen reported anywhere else.

Max Case reported on some screenshots he stumbled upon, that appear to be a new login sequence. They look like screenshots from a animated login screen to me. Very cool.

Other thing I read about is that apparently when SL is down for a update, the frontpage screenshot changes to a SL version of the famous ape scene in 2001:A Space Odyssey. Look at it at VTOR


  1. nice pic! looks like Bub got his hands on Wynx Whiplash's old ape avatar and started monkeying around. (cough)

  2. While this looks kinda ... eehm ... funny, I would very much prefer it, if the login screen would be enhanced with some valuable information (instead the current silly one liner with lots of typos). Important community information comes to mind, a calender of events or up/down status for sims etc. I find it astonishing that the only kind of "billboard" which gives LL (or others) access to ALL residents is treated like it is treated today.

    Some "cool" animation is nice as an addendum. ;)

  3. Ah very true Pham, i did hear somewhere a rumor that LL is experimenting with a web enabled login screen, with all kinds of info you are talking about, don't remember exactly where i heard that though. ;)