Sunday, October 08, 2006

Grid Attack 08-10-06

Wii! and another one! :P
"Jeska: There were reports of grey-goo type objects in-world. We are currently investigating. As such, we have temporarily moved to a Lindens-only login. Thank you for your patience while we handle this issue. I will be sure to report back as soon as I have further information. "
Will update this post when more becomes available.

update 12:06pm PDT
"Jeska: We have identified the issue and were able to take care of it. Login has been reopened and anyone waiting to login should be able to do so at this time. Please note login may be slow while everyone who was waiting logs back in."
And we are back.

Update 1:38pm PDT

Word on the street(irc), new grid attack. Let's see what happens.

update 1:45pm PDT

Seems like the old spamming replicator again, multiple owners. Reports from the main grid as well as Caledon. DB is severly slowed down, no skin texture and my balance is says nothing afterI logged in to take a look.

Message from the LL blog:
"1:40pm PST: There are new reports of grey goo in-world, which may be causing teleportation failures and other slow-downs. We have temporarily moved to a Lindens-only login. Thanks again for your patience and as soon as I have more info I will post it here."

update 3:11pm PDT

LL Blog:
2:45pm PST: We are still in the process of handling the recent attack of grey goo, but teleportation and other in-world behavior should be back to normal. As soon as I have more information, I will be sure to post it here.

(more info on history of the word grey goo)

Seems like particles where added into the mix this time.
Inworld message:

[15:00] Jeska Linden: Hello everyone - there have been reports of particle griefing, to turn off particles, go to View Menu and select Beacons then Hide Particles. Thanks for your patience while we handle this situation.

But on the bright side, the load on the DB has become less, the map loads again and I can teleport.

update 3:26pm PDT

And the doors are open again, my friendslist is being repopulated!

Update 4:01pm PDT
[16:00] Char Linden: We are going back to Linden log ins only. Grid will remain open but just to let you know we are still investigating this current grid attack. Thank you and sorry.
And closed again. *sigh*

update 4:14pm PDT

LL blog:
4:05 pm PST: Soon after the last post was made, we realized there was still some grey goo loose on the grid and have had to move login back to Linden-login only. I will be sure to post any additional information as it’s available.
Inworld message:
[16:12] Jeska Linden: Hello everyone, we are investigating grid-wide griefing attacks, as such we have momentarily disabled scripts on the entire grid. We apologize for this and thanks for your patience. As soon as I have more information, I will pass it along.
It must suck having to work right now, 5 hours of downtime already. I hope they get some overtime benefits. I know i'm getting tired of just updating this post. :P

update 5:44pm PDT

Grid has been open for a bit again, scripts are still off though. And a rolling update is in progress.

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