Monday, October 02, 2006

Grid Attack 02-10-06

After one of SL's hottests months with problems, October starts off with much of the same. A grid attack is currently in progress, logins are down and live help is being spammed by confused residents.

This is another selfreplication attack which also gives objects to avies nearby. Not only bringing our beloved grid down, but also clogging up our inventory.

Will update this post when more information becomes available:

6:28pm PDT
"[18:27] Jack Linden: Login is currently 'Lindens Only' so if you log out, you won't get straight back in.
[18:27] Jack Linden: Just an FYI
[18:27] Jack Linden: We're removing the objects from the db."
6:42pm PDT
"[18:39] Milo Linden: This grid will be closing shortly for some cleanup work, please keep checking for more information, thanks"
And everyone was logged out at 6:40pm PDT.

6:56pm PDT
After reading throught the concierge group chatlog from during the attack that, it looks like, the objects have multiple owners, random names, are invisible, follow avies and shouting "terror will rain down upon you".

Turning object creating on your land off didn't seem to work, but that might just seemed like that because they could have been flooding in from neigbouring plots.

7:11pm PDT
Picture of the little cubes by Amulius Lioncourt:
Not very exciting, if any one has better pictures, send me a link. ;)

And a live report from inworld by Rhiannon Chatnoir.
"trapped here in Darkwood in the midst of a grid attack.."

Ed baron has a good picture of the chat spam.

8:37pm PDT

The grid is back up and login is open.
"Jean Linden: Logins have been reopened. Please note - login may be slow when everyone tries to login at the same time.

Thank you for your patience!"


  1. man, how could this happen?

    you know, with the griefers being banned and all.

  2. I also took a screenshot while the grid was under attack.
    Photo and some other details at Personal Media in Second Life blog.

  3. Given what we now know about how these griefers are grabbing innocent people's objects and using them to replicate the objects with, I don't think we can assume that Amulius Lioncourt is any kind of culprit here.

    I saw an object with me as creator; with a tenant as creator; with somebody else I'd never heard of as creator -- I counted a half dozen. I believe they were able to grab objects, possible those deeded or shared within groups, as some of them joined our group and left shortly before the attack.

    More here:

  4. Lol prok, The picture is by Amulius Lioncourt not the cubes. Sorry for the confusion.