Thursday, October 05, 2006

Vivox-Skype: 0-1

Vivox's a million minutes campaign did not go unnoticed and Baba, Eric and Moo where eager to try it out. But it seemed not such a big succes as hoped, and they quickly reverted back to skypecast.
"Moo: I REALLY wanted to like Vivox. The hype was there, my curiosity piqued. With a billion announcements of their million minute giveaway, I anxiously awaited the day when I could obtain this mysterious “microphone” and start chatting with other residents. What a letdown."
"Baba: Vivox recently launched their VOIP service in Second Life. It's got a couple standard features..You got the buddy list, you got the chat window and you got…. well that's it!
We don't need no fancy schmancy bullhookie from Vivox..Back to Skype everyone! It may not be integrated into Second Life, but at least it works."
Too soon and too little, it seems. I'm sure they just thought release fast and fix later, but we are a picky bunch and only accept that from one platform at a time. ;) And you better come with a superior product when people are allready using many other VoiceChat programs next to SL, such as Skype, Ventrillo, Teamspeak or the call functions in many of the im clients.
Back to the drawing back for Vivox and better hurry before SL comes out with their own integrated VoiceChat support.

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  1. Just an FYI, I joined afterwards and hadn't proceeded to figure it out, since I sorta don't know where to look. And there's just so many people I know on Skype. Fits like a glove.