Thursday, October 05, 2006

Luna Oaks/Busy Ben Lottery

Not sure why this hasn't been annouched yet on the LL blog or the forum, but the new Lottery for free plots in Luna Oaks Shoppings Center and Busy Ben's Vehicle Lot is open. This time around instead of posting in a forum thread you have to click a lottery station to get to enter the lottery.
A little bit harder for the people who read forums and stay put on their land, easier for people who frequent these places to know about the lottery.Luna Oaks Galleria Tenants Group Notice From: Data Linden
It's time to have a new lottery again. So I would like you to clear out your parcel before on Monday, Oct. 16, 2006.

Off course you can all enter the new lottery again. The procedure has changed a little. There is now an inworld station where you can enter the lottery.
You can find the lottery stations in the middle of Luna Oaks and the NW corner of Busy Ben, good luck!

Guess i just had to wait a little bit longer. It's Now on the LL blog.

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