Friday, October 06, 2006

Grid Attack 06-10-06

Grid attack number 3 this week. LL Blog.
"Jeska: There were several reports of self-replicating objects in-world. We are currently investigating. As such, we have temporarily moved to a Lindens-only login. Thank you for your patience while we handle this issue. I will be sure to report back as soon as I have further information."
It must be fun to be a counting on SL for your income this week.

Will update when more news becomes available.

update 6:53pm PDT
"Jeska: We’ve identified the problem and should have it repaired shortly. Thank you for your patience."
Response time seems to be getting quicker.

update 7:54pm PDT
"Jeska: Login has been reopened and anyone waiting to login should be able to do so at this time. Please note login may be slow while everyone who was waiting logs back in. During the course of our investigation, we also identified a bug on a small number of regions which prevented Residents located there from being able to save their attachements. We were able to fix the issue while the login was restricted. Thank you for your patience during this issue."

And we are back in business.

update 8:26pm PDT
"[20:16] Jeska Linden: Hello everyone - we are bringing close to 100 regions down in order to recover lost objects. Sorry for this inconvenience. Please check the blog for more information and updates. Thanks for your patience."
A couple of the sims effected where, Lusk, Rizal, Samurai Island and Icedragon. These sims where completly wiped of all the content.

Picture of empty Lusk and Rizal
We all gathered to see it with our own eyes.
Let's hope there are good backups, would be a shame is if these sims would be lost.

update 9:06pm PDT
8:40pm: We’re still in the process of fixing the wiped regions, which are still down. As soon as I have more information I’ll post an update.
8:20pm: While fixing the bug mentioned in my last post, we accidently lost the content on several regions in-world. We’ve brought these regions down in order to investigate and recover the content. Thank you for your patience.
Nice bug fixing guys. ;)

update 11:15pm PDT
10:00 pm: The fix has been tested on several of the troubled regions and appears to fix the problem. This means that all of the regions which have been down should be back up with the lost content returned.
The grid seems to be fine again, atleast everything in Lusk is back, the big tree once again stand tall over SL. Another exciting day. I wonder why people still try to bring the grid down, it hardly effects anything afterwards people just go on with their business. I helped a couple who wants to get married in Big Easy. Why worry. :)

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