Sunday, April 29, 2007

Speak up.

Cristiano Diaz(creator of slpics) has written a open letter to Linden Lab, to address the continuing issues with Second Life. The goal is that many people sign it and on Monday post the letter on their blogs/websites, to give LL a signal. While i do think that LL is aware of the issues, I think it is important that we use this opportunity to express ourselves. Fixes won't happen because of it overnight, but I think it will force LL to give a more in depth response about what they are doing to fix these problems. Do we have to wait on a entire rewrite of the back end, or are there fixes on the way in a short time frame of a month or 2.


  1. My signature was put on there by somebody else, without my consent or knowledge. How many others were faked like that?

    I'm all for organizing grass-roots movements and protesting to the Lindens, but this particular set of issues was selected by the usual tiny cadre of folk on SC known as "the FIC".
    Prokofy Neva

  2. LL is going to do what they damn well please no matter who is screaming down their throats.
    To them it'll be just another letter.

  3. Has anyone ever looked up "Cristiano Diaz" in the state of Florida? There is none.