Friday, April 13, 2007

Two SL Architecture & Design Competitions

Frank Koolhaas (Mario Gerosa in RL), who writes the blog Played in Italy and recently published a book on Second Life, informed me of a new Second Life architecture and design competition for the Italian publisher Meltemi. Frank is passionate about virtual design, and I look forward to seeing what emerges here. You can find details about the competition in English here. The final project must fit a 4096m2 plot, and come in under 937 Primitives (including architectural structures, equipment and furniture). CORRECTION: May 20 (not the 27th), 2007 is the first deadline for the competition, and the prize for the winner is 5,000 Euros.

When Frank first IMed me, I confused his competition with this other German Second Life design competition, which Chip Poutine blogged in March. Yes, more "firsts" which aren't really firsts, but, if it promotes great design in Second Life then I'm all for it. The deadline for this one is September 1, 2007.


  1. And don't forget the competition to design a new Jardin Des Halles, (see

  2. and the Land Grab architectural competition