Sunday, May 06, 2007

Peak concurrenct of 42k+ For Second life.

It took longer then I expected, but the peak concurrency of Second Life has today for the first time gone over 40k, to be precise the max concurrency was 42.285. I actually logged in to see how the grid was behaving and everything seemed to be doing fine, all the searches worked, profiles loaded, scripts uploaded and objects rezzed from inventory. Even sim border crossings where causing no extra troubles. Only thing that didn't load for me was my friendslist, which I understand is a the cause of a bug and not due to the high peak concurrency.

I was just to late for a picture of the peak.

Makes you wonder why on other days the grid is behaving so poorly? Are there still some unknown factors in the system, or are Sunday users just less demanding of the system?

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  1. Since you posted this "Map Search" and "Inventory Upload" seem have gone AWOL. :-(

    At time of writing, SL is saying a mere 35K online.