Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Second Life Community Convention 2007 Update

As most of our loyal readers know, I'm one of the founders and organizers of the Second Life Community Convention. This year's convention is looking like it will be the best yet, as we're moving to a multi-track format and have a diverse and wonderful organizational team. Here is some of the latest news regarding the Convention:

  • Registration is open and going fast! You can register at http://www.SLConvention.org/register/
  • Rooms at the special rate of $159 per night at the Hilton in Chicago (where the Convention is also happening) are also going fast: http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/chichhh_slc/index.jhtml
  • The social & entertainment track is going to feature discussions, DJs and live musicians.
  • The machinima track is set to have keynotes by both Buhbuhcuh Fairchild of Alt-Zoom Studios and the Ill Clan, as well as teen-made machinima highlighted by Global Kids.
  • The business track has put out a call for papers and will feature discussions on successful business strategies, open source, the future of the metaverse, and a panel of attorneys with experience in Second Life doing a presentation and Q&A session on IP rights of content creators.
  • The education track is locking up a keynote speaker which will definitely garner some attention and has a call out for papers.
  • RatePoint is our music sponsor, helping our with Friday night's entertainment as well.
  • Eros 3-D is throw a party Saturday night, the first ever SLCC Masquerade Ball.
  • This year's in-world Convention may feature some high-profile panels not available at the RL convention.
  • Phreak Radio is going to audio stream all four tracks and the parties to the grid.
  • SLNN and the Metaverse Messenger are both doing RL publications; for more information contact doeko.cassidy {at} slnn {dot} com for SLNN and advertising {at} metaversemessenger {dot} com for the Metaverse Messenger.
  • We really can't thank our sponsors enough. Without their generosity, there is no way this event could happen, at the low cost we offer. Please be sure to give all of our sponsors (listed on the SLCC blog) a pat on the back for keeping out prices low and supporting the SLCC!
We're hoping the multiple options available this year allow everyone to have a rich experience and a good time, maintaining the SLCC tradition of attempting to enrich your mind and tickle your funny bone at the same time. As always, if you have ideas or want to help out, feel free to contact any organizer. More info is available on the SLCC blog at http://www.SLConvention.org - here's hoping you can attend this year, and we look forward to seeing you!

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