Sunday, July 29, 2007

Second Life Relay for Life '07

With all the drama and the fuss about casinos, Second Life's annual most famous charity event, the Second Life Relay for Life '07, almost escaped notice!

It's the third year that the American Cancer Society is promoting this fantastic event, all crammed full with events as usual, and with more — and better designed! — sims than ever. And yes, in spite of all the attention gathered by so many things happening in Second Life — the major news media in SL are far too worried with other things — the sims are not empty, rather the contrary!

Still, to raise funds for victims of cancer, every L$ counts, so make sure you drop by and run a few laps and contribute to this fantastic cause!


  1. Whew! Running the whole 12 km-long track took me about 3 hours, and I've not managed to finish it before the final celebration started, but... at least I did it.

    SL Relay for Life '07 managed to raise around US$120k, which was rather good!

    My congratulations to the organisation, and thanks to all who participated!

  2. I finished up the loop this morning. There are some wonderful things around that track!