Saturday, September 22, 2007

Commemorating Three Years of Self-Government at the Oktoberfest '07

Three years after its launch in Second Life, the self-governed, democratic community that started from the old Anzere sim and currently has two sister communities, one in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (Neufreistadt and Colonia Nova), another in Port Neualtenburg (in Funadama), will commemorate together this year's Oktobertfest together, one party at each location, lasting all weekend.

After over two years of posts and articles all over the SLogosphere predicting their "imminent doom", both are here to stay, both have not given up, both are growing, and both still get together for this annual events. Democracy is far harder to shake off than the most pessimist doomsayers have predicted and failed :)

So get your Dirndls and Lederhosen dusted and join us at the parties for a nice Stein of Bier and have fun listening to silly Schlager music and dancing the Polka or the Waltz in the streets :)

Political discussion is, of course, not mandatory!