Saturday, September 01, 2007

Don't signup to Quechup

This post has very little to do with SL, other then that everyone in and out of SL that i have ever emailed or have emailed me, has recieved a invite from me to join And this a good way to reach a lot of those people.

If you have recieved a invite from me or anyone else, don't signup.
They pose as a normal social network site, and ask you, just like linkedin if they can look in your adress book to see if your friends are already signedup. But instead they just send every adress in your adress book a invite to Join.

What makes it worse, I had cancelled my account with them many hours before they started sending the invites. I thought i was lucky and had cancelled soon enough, because stories of this practise where already being twitterd and blogged. But alas 30 minutes ago the emails, and all the email list and out of office replies it got back hit mine and my contacts inbox.

So seriously if you have signed up, cancel your account and if you get a invite just trash it.

I apologise for haveing become so trusting in web2.0 sites.

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  1. Don't let it get you down, some companies just have no respect for people or thier online identities.