Friday, March 21, 2008

Philip voted out?

I was reading a old interview of Philip Rosedale on and saw the following:
Philip Rosedale: We also use anonymous spot surveys for a lot of stuff. So I send out surveys saying, like, "Should we get rid of me as CEO?" Or I send out several options: "We should get a new CEO: now; when we have 200 people; when we have 500 people; never."

There were some nevers. I think people didn't figure I was good for a thousand-person company. I actually think I am, but I'd be fine not doing it, either.
That shines a bit of a different light on his stepping down as a CEO. Has he simple been voted out internally, and how fine is he really with it? Of course he could have simple changed his mind, the interview is over a year old. But it is fun to speculate.


  1. No inside information here other than saying what he wrong on the Second Life blog is the simple truth. Boring, I know, to think that people might be straight, and that conspiracy theories are better left for the X-files :)

    I've been a Linden for about 6 months, and can confirm that I responded to one (or two? I forget) of those "should I stay as CEO" surveys. No, I'm not going to tell you how I voted or what the responses were, but I will just say: see the blog. The skinny, as straightforward as it is, is there.

  2. DOH.

    Typo. Go ahead and overinterpret if you must. "what he wrong", not "what he wrong". Heh.

  3. Bizarre. Same typo two times in a row. What's up with me?

    "WHAT HE WROTE", not "what he wrong".