Saturday, August 09, 2008


Yes, you've seen all sorts of maps generated from Second Life, from LL's own web-based SLURL generator, to things like SignpostMarv Martin's attempt at creating a semantic API for the whole of Second Life.

Deep into Google ads, I stumbled upon something funny, which is a small company selling high-quality prints of Second Life maps, all nicely framed, for you to display at home or office: Mappa Novus. Besides that nifty idea, they also generate all sorts of statistics, metrics, and analyse trends about Second Life, and display them visually, on graphs and charts or... on top of maps, of course!


  1. You should take a look at as well. Very nice maps, interactive with search and even parcel lines.

  2. With mappa novus I noticed that the maps were from '07. It would be good for them to be more recent with, maybe, a schedule for updating each year or every 6 months

  3. Two other useful features of Gridaverse: you can use it to search for land for sale with far better control than the in-SL land search tool (e.g. restrict results to an L$-per-meter range; if you zoom the window out far enough you get a complete map of SL as it is today.

    I've described it in detail at my site.