Monday, December 12, 2005

The Gridsa sploded, round 3.

About 2 hours ago, another Griefersphere attack hit the grid. The Lindens tried to stop it, allegedly with a new "asset destroyer" tool they developed.

Some sims crashed. When they came back up, there was a different problem.

Namely, half the sim was missing.

I only saw Grignano first hand, but as it stands now, 95% of things named "Object" in Grignano are now missing. That means the Brownstone building, half of the texture shop, all roads and canals, my arch, my museum, my house, my shop, and the brick walkway.

Similar problems have been reported in Abbots, Io, and elsewhere.

This is one of those cases that need to be tried in a RL court, methinks. WHile it's cute to bring down a server farm, it's another thing entirely to be reponsible for the deletion of several gigs' worth of data.

Sigh... back to term papers.

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