Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Intrepid Explorers Needed ... Where is Magellan Linden?

Did anyone of my readers take a look at "The Map" lately? I do not mean "a closer look," but rather take a step back and look at the whole world. And then zoom in a little bit on the continent in the North. Since another batch of sims came online on monday this continent looks rather complete! Maybe a few squares could be added here or there. At the rate the Lindens are currently putting new sims on the block (some 20 per week), though, there is not much time left till a new land mass is needed!

A "complete" continent

So I guess it is maybe time for the daring explorer Magellan Linden and his intrepid team to sail the globe (is it a globe?) of Second Life again and look for undiscovered land. Otherwise the residents will soon run out of "fresh" land. And lets not forget: selling land (and later earning tier for it) is the main source of revenue for LL - and the reselling of this land constitutes a sizeable chunk of Second Lifes economy (some 12% as of last counting).

So, I can't wait to hear rumors of Magellans next journey. What will his team discover this time?

I wonder if we will witness a similar land rush with this presumed land mass as there was with the last, with land prices on the old continent dropping and the L$ rising? Who knows. But it sure will be one the of the most important events in the beginning of 2006.

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