Saturday, December 10, 2005

Your business is their game?

I could write a long post based on the title above, but largely it would be obvious facts about the risks of starting a business on an undefined platform with a startup company that is still trying to perfect its own recipe, let alone yours. No, actually my title here is meant quite tongue-in-cheek. I’m not here to write a counter to Kim’s post (I agree with parts, disagree with parts, and overall largely agree that I’ve been silly to jump the gun on that particular issue on the SL forums). Rather, I want to take this moment to highlight to our readers an important fact about SLOG:

There is no official SLOG stance or message.

When you read a post from one of our writers, whether from me or anyone else, it is that writer’s thoughts and opinions alone.

So if you see opposing viewpoints on SLOG, don’t be surprised. Hopefully you will enjoy and value the fact that we have multiple voices and perspectives, just as I do.

Maybe this is a nice time to thank every one of our writers for contributing, and every one of our readers for attempting to make sense of our meanderings.

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