Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Swift action on Land malaise

The price of land in SL has been rising and rising, because LL had a huge demand in island sims and couldn't add sims fast enough to the mainland continents. The last 2 weeks they started to release more mainland sims and those went in auction for over 3000 us dollar. To meet the higher demand Robin Linden annouched today that they are going to open a new continent to the east on the map to meet demand.

Robin: "Over the last several weeks we have been adding land to the mainland at a fairly slow rate (4 new regions per day) while we complete the delivery of islands ordered at the end of 2006. The result is that pricing has been creeping up steadily and is currently about double what we saw per m2 in November. In order to meet the increased demand, our plan is to start to increase the rate at which we put mainland regions online.

Look for a substantial new continent to begin to appear off to the east!"

This is interesting because there are a lot of new users who have only seen the land price rise and might be caught by surprise of sudden Linden action that makes the land prices drop. We might see some new land barons make some huge loses.

Also I hope they make some effort to finish the borders in the southern continent and the old core mainland. There are still some spots left that just abruptly end, if I'm not mistaken.

But Robin said something even more interesting.
Robin: "This increase in land supply should also help to offset the impact of the use of ‘bots as high speed land scanners to skim off the lowest priced, and generally smaller, less desirable parcels. In addition, we’re looking at adding a step to the purchase process which should make it more difficult to use ‘ bots in purchasing land."
If you haven't heard of it before. I think as of last week a landbot is active in SL. A completely automated program based on LibSl that scans the land for sale listing faster then a human can and buys any land that is under market value, to put it up for resale again for a bit higher price offcourse. While I don't see how increase in land supply will really help against landbots, it is interesting to see that LL is already looking in to ways to prevent such bots from operating. It will be a amusing arms race to see.


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