Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First Look into a Mirror

[Update added to the end]
The new First Look Client has a new feature that the recent blog post didn't say anything about. That feature is Dynamic Reflection, and that means working Mirrors in SL. I haven't taken a look myself yet, but Gwyneth Llewelyn has made a video and put it on youtube.

This looks pretty cool if you ask me. Now this does not mean this will be in the normal client any time soon. There have been features in Beta before that never ended up in the client, because they didn't work(well) for many people. But this is cool non the less.


In response to Gwyneth's vid, ZATZAi made a longer video showing how the new mirror feature works on different shapes an shiny values. Even Mirror to mirror reflections work.

Not only shiny prims mirror but also ripple water reflects!
Picture by Chandra Page

And i love Chandra's comment on it:
"It's like shiny, but it's shiny on fire, being chased by ninjas and helicopters, and the ninjas are on fire, too."


  1. A much, much better video can be found here:

    I'm very, very excited about what LL can do on a version of SL where they can ignore complains about "stability" and "lag" and "crashing" and can focus only on fantastic new features :) At this rate, we'll have an 'unstable' client with HTML in no time :) and who knows what more... which people will be able to use if they don't mind the odd crash or two...

  2. Frans
    While this is really cool, can you think of uses of this that I may not have thought of. Uses beyond mere reflection?

  3. @Gwyneth, Yes it would be interresting a permanent unstable branche with all kinds of nifty new features.

    @Adam, atm i wouldn't know any other uses.

  4. I imagine it could be used in cars (rearview mirror etc) as well as clothing/hair stores practically. And maybe even as a way to monitor an area, like how a convenience store uses mirrors.

    I can't wait for someone to make the first funhouse of mirrors though.


  5. It's a pretty nifty effect, if you ignore the fact that it breaks absolutely anything that has ever used "Shiny".

  6. looks nice, but some very visible artefacts - that might not be at all easy to fix.

    hopefully someone can visit seifert's 'grail' to see what it does to their client there - lots of curved surfaces and ALL shiny.

    i dont get much sl time as it is - so dont see the point in using an even less stable client for a shiny toy

  7. Torley has made some pictures at the grail.

  8. Aaaaarrrgh! I'm feeling stupid here but I've been looking through every preference trying to turn on "dynamic reflections" on the First Look client and I can't find it anywhere! I even re-downloaded the latest First Look and reinstalled it. Was this feature removed or something?
    Reeeeeaaaaly want to play with this but I can't find the option. Little help? :)

  9. Gorgeous. I love this....thank you. .inKenzo.

  10. @Silly bug, You have turn on shiny and bumpmapping in debug. The you you have to go in the client menu(ctrl-shift-d). And then turn on Rendering->Dynamic Reflection.

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  12. An update: you now need to go to the Debug Settings (from the Client menu) and search for a property called RenderDynamicReflections and turn it from “FALSE” to “TRUE”. LL said that they didn’t wish that such an “unstable” option was so easy to add from the Client menu…