Friday, February 02, 2007

30K Inworld

Apparently SL has reached a max concurrency over 30k yesterday as Tateru reported on SLI. It was a bit over a month a go that we reached the 20k inworld. This is a amazing growth of 50% max concurrency in one month. I did some math to calculate what will happen if the peak concurrency keeps growing 50% a month. It ends with a frightening 2.5 million in December. I just hope my stats will be proven wrong, or that LL somehow manages to scale for it. :D
  • Month Inworld:
  • Jan 30000
  • Feb 45000
  • Mar 67500
  • Apr 101250
  • May 151875
  • Jun 227812
  • Jul 341718
  • Aug 512578
  • Sep 768867
  • Oct 1153300
  • Nov 1729951
  • Dec 2594926

Jan 28th was my second RezDay, and it is amazing how things has changed and stayed the same. Back in early 2005 when I thought about the future of SL, I only saw the technical improvements that would come. But while big new features came/come much slower then expected, the way how the 'community' has changed is greater then I ever thought.

We moved from one forum to a whole plethora of forums and blogs about SL. So much so that you can be busy with SL all day without even being logged in. More and more Europeans and Asians are joining. Suddenly there are lots of fellow Dutchies now, when I joined there where just a hand full. And it looks like the SL is a big hit in France, every other newbie that shows up on my doorstep seems to be French.
Translating devices are created to bridge the language gap that hook into and Babelfish to help with the new reality. And the massive use of them caused google/yahoo to block them because of spam/virus suspicions.

So many new people now that in essence everyone is a stranger and it is impossible to meet them all. Compared to when I joined it was easy to find out who was who, and meet them if you wanted. But it is also great to see that the people who you met toying around in the Sandbox learning to build are now on the payroll of Dev Companies. Whatever the critics are saying, Second Life is Booming.


  1. Great more people like Frans... ;0

  2. Hahaha. One day we will rule the metaverse.

    But everyone will be welcome. :D