Monday, February 05, 2007

What do you do for fun? No, not you. The other you.

In travels across the grid, I find it tough not to run across someone who is in the metaverse consulting and design business. Those that get paid handsomely to build something for someone, regardless of its origins in real life or Second Life.

Of the first generation (and I'm talking about you Forseti, hehe), I have noticed a shift from socializing to working. Work, work, work. And being early to the game, it's understandable and easy to forgive the scarcity of our old friends. We saw the change; they were new to a new industry; and work comes fast and furious.

I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about this new legion of design agencies and consultants-- those that show up, who we're not really show how much they 'get it'. Are they here and doing what's good for business and good for the community? How well do they understand the nuances of how things work in busytown? (Even if it's as simple as 'sims die with 40 people' to the more nuanced issues with various cultures, classes, and species native to the grid).

One question I've grown fond of asking to the design firms I meet is, "What do you do for fun?"

This is a question that some would ask of the Lindens as well. After all, it's okay to have fun-- there's lots to have fun with in SL, beyond 'oh I like shopping'--so, Mr. Design Cowboy. What do you do for fun? That answer, perhaps, can be more telling than the client list.

And hey, you might have gain a new friend to cruise around with and play with while talking shop.

All work and no play, makes Ruth a dull, er, boy.


  1. I think its a valid point, and a valid question. Lord knows I used to be much deeper embedded in the community, even while working an intense other job. It's hard not to feel increasingly detached, although I wonder how many older SL residents feel that way just because SL is so much bigger now. One thing I occasionally try to do is log in under an alt name and explore around like a noobie... see what is happening on the orientation islands, pop into a club, randomly teleport around the mainland to see what's around.

    While Crayon has pulled a few stunts that didn't earn my love, they are lucky to have CC Chapman. I like how he has embraced the local music scene and really joined SL rather than waving his hands and proclaiming marketing gibberish from on high. I like him, his attitude, and his actions so much I made him a new music cafe:

    You have to live an experience to really understand the experience.

  2. i still particle bomb my friends list. except now they all have taken off my mapping privilege (and i'm talking about you forseti).

  3. Fun == build. That's why I love working in SL. When I'm done working on an ESC project for the day, I'll go someplace and work on a personal project.

    Past that, I do a little shopping.