Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Everything black. With accents of black!

There are three little greeen icons that can appear on the minimap. The first, is a dot, representing avatars at the same elevation as you. The second, a "T" represents avatars above you, and the third is an upside down "T" for those that are below you.

In your travels across the great wide grid, you'll see lots of gray shapes on the mini-map-- representing things that other people own. This neon green icons are so vivid and so bright, you'll have no problem knowing where your fellow avatars are.

That is, unless, you own a good chunk of land with a lot of stuff on it. In that case, the items you possess, are colored in with delightful neon cyan.

Let's do some color math here. The kind of new math they teach the kids today:

light neon green + light neon cyan = impossible legibility.

I've explored the metaverse on both Windows- and Macintosh- based PCs, with a variety of cards and on a variety of monitors-- and the results are the same! Total and complete illegibility! (As an aside, avatars on the same elevation as you are green dots, that do have a hairline black outline, so that's at least easIER to see.)

Perhaps a preference where we can specify the color of our items or avatar icons? Some people might have a difficult time navigating this; others might be colorblind, and some might want the mySpace-ian trend of bright green icons on bright green backgrounds. Let the users decide. Put the front end team on this, while the backend team plugs away at the heart of the system.

It's the little things.


  1. Yes! That drives me nuts. They put a black outline on the dot, but not the T's, inexplicably. While I'm in Abbotts, I can't see anything on the minimap.

    It seems to me that they could use also a darker shade for owned objects. Or maybe grey.

  2. Especially as it's more when people are mooching around *your* stuff that you're interested in who is there.