Sunday, December 30, 2007

Animate your Sculptys

Adrian Herbez, currently a web developer for Linden Lab, just released Maya exporter for animated sculptys.

Adrian writes:
I've created a tool to make it (relatively) straightforward to create mesh deformation animation within Second Life by leveraging the power of sculptys.

The actual exporting of images is lifted from the original sculpty exporter script written by Qarl (with a minor change to keep the scale the same). I've expanded on that script to provide a nice clean workflow for woring with animated sculpties, and one that allows for a great degree of control on the part of the artist.

I have seen some animated sculptys and it is a pretty cool effect, and any effort to simplify the effort is always appreciated. I haven't tried this out yet so can't comment on how well it works, if you do let me hear your comments. :)

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