Monday, January 07, 2008

Robin Linden To Be Interviewed in Metanomics Event

Today (Monday, Jan 7) at 11 AM SLT, Beyers Sellers will be interviewing Linden Lab's Robin 'Linden' Harper, VP for Marketing & Community Development, which is to be broadcast live to several locations in-world. Robin has been called "Adult Linden" in the past: she's the one with her feet firmly planted on the ground, surrounded by a crowd of talented "kids" playing around with high tech using the Tao of Linden. She's also the sweetest and nicest person ever.

Combining those two roles, Robin's the "caring mother" for Linden Lab, and, indirectly, through her job dealing with the SL Community, she's also the loving and guiding parent for all residents. The Metanomics interview will very likely focus on asking Robin how she views the complex social environment in Second Life developing, and what measures will Linden Lab take to keep the very busy community alive and healthy. Don't expect a highly technical interview — Robin's the one to ask how the residents are faring in the social development of our virtual world, not on how badly the asset servers are performing.

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