Thursday, January 24, 2008

Havok 4 Returns.

Last week the Havok 4 Beta Early Adopter program was announced, but shortly after servers where updated a critical bug was found. This forced the Havok team to revert those server back to Havok 1. Yesterday the bug was fixed and redeploying of Havok 4 commenced.

One comment Sidewinder Linden made peaked my interest:
By the way… I’m really curious to see what region “capacity” turns out to be once we work on performance a bit. Today, region capacity is mostly based on where the Havok1 simulator crashes. Where is the region capacity limit if the simulator doesn’t crash under load any more? *wink*

I guess we will be having big 200 avatar parties in the Havok 4 sims this weekend. ;)


  1. Does this actually mean that they have lifted the hard-coded limit on 100 avatars?

    I'm eager to see Havok 4 deployed on one or two sims where I'm an Estate Manager, just to see if the Estate Tools now allow more than 100 avatars!

  2. That is a good question! I didn't thought of that, and I doubt sidewinder did either.