Sunday, February 10, 2008

Second Life Statistics: 09-Feb-2008

SL Stats 09-02-2008

The statistics where unreliable Saturday, from 15:50 to 22:05 we only gathered one or 2 results a hour. Totally for the day it was about 70% of what we normally get. This was the result of more website issues at Linden Lab. Even though, 59,479 is a Saturday concurrency peak record.

Statistics compared to Saturday, February 2nd:
Peak concurrency grew 1,020 users, a increase of 1.74%.
Minimum concurrency grew 2,224 users, a increase of 6.72%.
Median concurrency dropped 4,149 users, a decrease of 8.61%. The median is very much influenced in the gap of results because it happened right after peak concurrency.

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