Monday, September 19, 2005

Enter the SLog

A first post, a little post, a YAYZERAMA post.

I may need to call the CDC down on Torley for invading my vocabulary -- Tor's enthusiasm is always so infectious. Enthusiasm. The members of this blog have different interests and perspectives, and we will probably write about all sorts of things, but a common thread is our fascination and joy with Linden Lab's Second Life.

When I joined in 2004, I told my wife that it would probably be a passing fad. She constantly reminds me of that statement when, almost a year later, I still spend excessive time in-world or on the forums. I ask, how do you avert your eyes from the formation of a new galaxy? The economic, sociological, psychological, political, and artistic issues are simply captivating. The creative possibilities are heady stuff. And the people -- bright, funny, creative people from all over the globe -- are the unifying fabric that make it truly fun. Humans, after all, are social creatures. We are a mix of all that is good and bad, noble and base in humanity. We are a microcosm of our species, the lucky pioneers, holding in our hands a new form of freedom.

Don't worry, not all of my posts will be so gushy, but I thought I would share the fact that, yes, I love it, frustrations and all. I think I can safely say that all of us here at SLOG love it!