Friday, September 23, 2005

That requisite first post

Oy, what to say here—a lot!

This interface is unfamiliar to me (with the exception of an experimental venture into Blogger long ago). So it's uncomfortable in some respects, but on the other hand, I'm challenged to adapt. I'm looking over how the SLog was set up by Forseti after he assembled us as a team to join—sounds like a comic book, n'est-ce-pas?—and it's freakin' weird (but not unpleasant) to see the "gutter" on the righthand side.

After looking at my neon watermelon blog for so long, the earthy tones are aptly like the ground from which the fruits grew from. It reminds me of some German microhaus sites are designed too. I believe that content presented with style helps the reader digest info more readily. I hope this will be true here.

To my knowledge, there hasn't been a sustained SL group blog up to the present. Second Language is on hiatus. :( There are some pleasant pickings (like fruit from the tree) like newspapers—Metaverse Messenger readily comes to mind—but presented in this freewheelin' context, I think we've got something unique going on! How it'll hold over in the longterm, we'll see.

You see, I know many Residents who've started blogs but grew bored with them, or just didn't have time, and ultimately, they were "frozen" for one reason or another. To me, that's a very dangerous thing because stagnation erodes, corrupts (literally), tears away at excitement. The oncenew teddy bear does not become a treasured old toy, but maybe its eyes popped out and it ain't getting the sewing it needs, and the stuffing is coming out of the... ahhh anyway let's move on.

I know a long dash might have been more appropriate than an ellipsis in that last sentence. That points to something: selfawareness. Recalling our experiences here as seen through our eyes, and then, doing more than bouncing ideas off of each other. A popular buzzword I've heard of in the business word is "synergy". I wonder about many things: we could be a pretty entertaining morning TV crew, huh?

Speaking of multimedia, in the Final Fantasy video game series, having a party—a group of adventuring explorers, often a very diverse group with a unified aim—is central to the storyline. Character dynamics also have the spotline shined on them. In Final Fantasy VII, balls which enable magic are called materia. They, like people, come in different colors.

There are a lot of flavors here, so a lot of magic. Stories to be told, tales to be weaved, songs to be sung of honorable actions! All of us SLog contributors participate in the SL Forums, which is candidly far from the most acerbic Internet forums I've come across, but still perceived to be too bitter for many I've come across. I'm hoping we can help more new Residents and those simply fresh to the Forums realize the worth in them, the gold—or materia, for that matter—that can be mined. Sources of knowledge, an accountable history leading back and then slingshotting forward into Second Life's future.

It's good to be here. :)

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  1. damn good to have you here! We shall see where this road takes us, but the one thing we can count on -- with Torley, there are new horizons to chart, fresh fields to roam, and new sunsets to witness in contemplation. :)