Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Our Furry Friends

Morning everyone! Welcome to one of my frequent coffee breaks.

I'm going to start off with what will probably be a series or rather uninspired posts about random things related to Second Life that pop into my head.

You know what I've never understood? Anti-furry thinking. How can you not like furries? Look how cute they are! People complain that they have a penchant for drama and porn but 99% of SL and probably the human race does too. So what's all this about? Is this the SL version of racism? Do we really need this? I guess on some basic human level, a lot of people do need to single another group out and criticize them to make themselves feel better.

Now, I don't know how rampant anti-furryism is. I'm hoping it's just a few goofballs but maybe not. It seems crazy to me that in a place where you can be anything, you end up being criticized for it. I'm not a furry myself, but I have about 6 Luskwood avies that I wear often and some from Lucah and Evangeline too and they are brilliant. Some of the most creative work I've seen in SL! Have all of you been to Luskwood? It's a great place. 2 sims worth of open space, trees and fun wooden builds. The land is set to "create" so that people, anyone, not just furries can use the land as a sandbox. Talk about community-minded. What's not to like? I enjoy being nuzzled! Pat a furry today!


  1. Well I wrote a long response to this but it seems to have disappeared on me. Maybe St. Ingrid was looking over my shoulder going "tut tut" because of excessive verbosity. :)

    To boil it down to a nutshell, I agree. SL is a diverse place that let's us all exercise our imaginations. It doesn't matter if there is a group whose activities give you the shivers -- I don't care if it's D/S, kinky furries, or a bible reading group. There's plenty of room for us all. There's no need to be judgemental.

    Like all "isms", anti-furry attitudes are based in ignorance. A furry is just an individual who happens to be wearing a non-human av. I have met furries who like PG and those who like Mature, those who are creators and those who are clubbers, those who are furries all the time and those who (like me) swap between human and non-human at whim.

    Judge the person, not the clothes, not the skin, not the shape, nor the prims they might be wearing on their head.

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  3. You know what I've never understood? Anti-furry thinking. How can you not like furries?

    Because furry is fundamentally weird. That's it. Regardless of 'right' and 'wrong', it's weird. People generally don't like weird stuff, and all of the verbose rationalizing in the Web isn't going to change it.

  4. You know what I've never understood? Anti-furry thinking. How can you not like furries?

    because, I don't support the raping of animals thank you very much!

  5. Because they don't give me food. Or for that matter any reason to not dislike them.

  6. you know what I have never understood? Furry thinking. I aslo agree, they never give me food.

  7. Furries ain't that cute... kind of dull and played out actually.

  8. Intersting how the anti-furry comments here are left by people not brave enough to actually leave a name.

    I'm Angelita Pierterson in game by the way.. :P

    And that's why I'm willing to talk to anyone who wants to talk about what furry is and what it's about.

    feel free to IM...

  9. You know what I've never understood?

    'Mundane' thinking.

    Why the hell do some people need everything to be so freakin' plain-jane? Does it make their universe seem somehow safer?! It's not!

    Here's a war poster slogan for ya:


    *creepy looking british officer pointing finger*

    "Grow some claws, sprout a tail, and rip apart some whitewashing animosity today!"

    There, see? We're not that 'unnatural'. We can be lampoon-able patriotic jingoists too. (I kid.) o_o;