Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Grid Down, What do i do now?

Watch SL Machinima!

Let's start with some Movies that show the new Features in 1.10.
Ben Linden escapes 1.9
Watermelon Glow Grow Flex-Ability
SecondLife 1.9.1 Preview by Trep Cosmo

Toast Brad made 5 Trippy movies some with flex prims and the new lighting in preview.

There is a large music scene in SL, But sadly no video clips of our Live artists.
Here are some music related vids:
U2 in Secondlife.
Tao Takashi on Air, a video blog.
Golden Oldie Thriller.
The Port - live group musical performance.
Solo flute performance at The Port

Challenge for the Live Music Enthusiasts, make video clips!

We will be right back over these (zOMG) Commercials.
Sick And Wrong Commercials (Take One)
Office Chair demo
Reloop (SL)
Gone in 30 Seconds
Random AD [NSFW]

And there are Instructional Movies as well.

Castle wars Instructional
Override Help
Making things in the Virtual World: Second Life Primer
A Tour Guide from Heaven (PILOT)

Here are 2 classics that you might have seen before.
Better Life
Silver Bells and Golden Spurs

Some random links.
youtube - secondlife
secondlife machinima forum

As you can see there is a lot going on in the SL Machinima scene. I'm going to try to do a weekly roundup. Do you have a new video, shoot me a IM inworld. ;)

Edit: Sorry some links went wrong, blogger didn't seem to like my linkage. Hopefully it goes alright now.

See you in 1.10!

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