Monday, May 15, 2006

Second Life in the blogosphere.

Since we are so busy blogging here, i will post some links to interesting posts. (Yes, this is a jab at myself and that big list of names on the right. ;)
  • Gwyneth Llewelyn has written a interesting article about LLs gamer culture and how and why that needs to change to a more Corporate culture, where "favoritism" is just called partnership. It is a very thoughtfull and indepth piece, that (atleast for me) has a lot of truth to in it.
  • A place of refuge is also a place of kickass. And i totally agree with Torley on this. I visited the island Suffugium after reading Torley's review about it. It really is a fantastic place with a great atmosphere. What sticks out the most to me, is how well everything works and belongs together. All the pieces are carefully crafted to fit the theme. Read Torley's post and visit the sim, it is well worth your time.
  • Alice of Wonderland has several posts about the Big Weekend Event the BBC did this weekend in Dundee and Second Life. There was a lot of dancing and a Dalek invasion. To bad i missed that part, i have done some Dalek invasions in the past. :P If you where at the event, the Avalon crew who set it up are requesting for some feedback here.
  • And finally some help and advice from Willow on PixelPinup, with a subject that we all can relate too, Inventory management. Willow claims to have one of the biggest inventories in SL, and shares with us how she keeps it tidy. A must read for everyone who spends to much time searching in their inventory.

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