Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SL Updates.

My Gmail notifier just popped up telling me that there was a Second Life update mail. Curious as I am, I opened the mail and was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.

Release Notes for Second Life 1.10.1(0) May 31, 2006
* F1 Help using Mozilla
** Help for all Second Life users now available in a Mozilla window
accessed by pressing F1

Bug fixes:
* Improved avatar lighting to more closely match in 'nearby lights' and
'sun/moon only' modes
* Improved flexible attachment behavior while crossing a region boundary

After a long wait, the first step towards Mozilla integration is finally here! :-)
Now I know that it isn't Html on a prim yet, but it is good to see that LL is testing the waters.

Website update:

This was just posted on the annouchment forum.
Search the Second Life Database!

As some of you have noticed, last week we quietly launched a new ability of the Second Life homepage: you can now search the Second Life database!

Quiet no longer!

Currently indexed on about a 4 hour basis, the search allows anyone to search for groups, Parcels, Events and Classifieds. The results are sorted by relevance, except for Classifieds which are sorted by listing fee. Most results return a handy-to-use SLURL bringing you directly to the search results in Second Life!

LL has been busy for a while trying to bring more information out of the client and into the web. They added the classifieds and improved the friends online list earlier. But I'm not sure of the usefulness right now. All these features feel hidden away, it might help if they opened it up more and let other sites access it easily. I'm sure the community sites that have sprung up will be able to some nice things with it.

After testing the Search a bit, it seemed like it was working correctly at first. But it looked like it was handling the Parcel information differently. While I was writing this blog and testing the parcel search there where a lot of parcels not found, including mine. I was almost finished writing and did some searches to verify and suddenly my parcel was found and also others that weren't at first. This a bit weird, and make me wonder if the searches itself make both databases sync up, or that the website db wasn't complete yet, and that it got updated while I was writing. We will have to keep our eye on it, and I encourage everyone to try it and see if their plot shows up.

-Meet you in SL.

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