Saturday, June 24, 2006

6 Months After P2P

Rating Bonuses, Event Support, P2P... the longer you stay in SL the more times the sky falls. Some friends of mine commented last night that it's been 6 months since P2P teleportation was re-introduced, and hey! the world did not actually turn into a morass of gray, interior-focused boxes, red ban lines, and flash-mob griefing as some predicted. If you interpret "gray boxes" as non-contiguous spaces, then yes we do have more private islands. I do still hear some complaints that telehubs' zoning effect is gone, but I never considered hubs an adequate or functional zoning tool personally. We've seen the consolidation of many stores into central locations. In the hub days, we probably saw much more of SL than we do now popping from specific place to specific place, but then again, when I want to explore, there is nothing stopping me from doing that.

This may get some people rather annoyed at me, but personally I am not up in arms about the new registration changes. The platform needs to open up, and we need to continue forging towards the point of critical mass. I like Philip's comment about it becoming more international. I'm not going to get into the issue of whether you can really stop a teenager from getting anywhere on the Internet they really want to go, but I do agree with Frans that protections need to be built either into or on top of the client. I do think that if SL is going to be on a computer accessible by a child, a frank discussion of what is out there and how to be careful is in order.

Linden Lab does care about limiting griefing. They do care about liability. They do care about child safety. They've made a decision to open up the platform with these issues in mind, and I for one am willing to roll with it and see where it takes us.

(and Frans, if you can figure out how to turn the word verification back on so we can have comments, god bless ya. Have at it!).

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