Thursday, June 08, 2006

Video goodness

Nand Nerd made some cool short clips of his Geometric Flexy models. They remind me of a opening heart or sea & plant life that open up to catch some sunrays or food. I could see this used to enchance the plants/flowers in SL, have them respond to the day and night cycle by opening and closing.


And you can see them inworld at Lasiocampa,160,200,27

This weekend in San Francisco VloggerCon will be held, and at the same time in SL.
Tao Takashi our resident Vlogger has been writing about it on his Blog, where he has a promo for the SL event.

The Inworld event is Organized by Spin Martin and will be at the HipCast Conference Center in the Shalida sim.

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