Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Third Birthday Second Life

Ok it is a bit late, but the festivities are still going to the end up the day. And at the very least if you haven't look at the anniversary sims yet, then do so now. There is a lot of interesting work done on the sims and all by your fellow residents. The whole 3 year Anniversary was planned and executed by Taturo Nino, Mera Pixel and their group of builders.

And we should thank them, because without them their might not have been so much effort to make it a whole 5 day party that tried to include the whole community. LL was not planning anything themselves, and was actually expecting the community to do it. It was Taturo who discovered this and she stepped up on the plate and made it happen. Go Taturo.

The SL 3rd birthday didn't really get all the attention it deserved, with all the CC-less sign up drama happening the last weeks. And you could see it weighing on the organizers, who must have spend all their free time on this. Philip's speech was completely sidetracked by these issues and the obnoxious griever. And I personally would have liked to hear Philip talk about other things besides these. Everything has a time and place, but sadly this was not the time or place. And it ended the speech in a bit of a downer. Luckily Jeska came by afterwards to lift the spirits, with her joyous giggles. :)

So visit the anniversary sims, and party till you drop.
And one round of applause for these people.
Ps, some of us have tagged the birthday pics on slpics.
Easy list of a lot of nice pics can be found here.

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