Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Second Life, Mozilla and You!

I've recently been contacted by some friends in world who aren't the tech geek type. They wanted to know more details on why I was soon keen on the upcoming integration of a browser into Second Life, and eventually, HTML-on-a-prim. It reminded me that while some things are obvious to hard core tech geeks, that not everyone in SL is a hard core tech geek any more! I've decided to share some of the reasons I'm so excited about this feature; more so than any feature I can remember being integrated into Second Life.
  • A single-prim unified web based vendor by putting your SLBoutique store on a prim; for sellers, one central spot to update, put images, descriptions, prices, and so forth. (http://SLBoutique.com/FlipperPA_Peregrine/?nh=1 on a prim, if you need a visual aid)
  • Every graphic on a web server is a potential texture to use.
  • Shared browsing of web sites instead of having to pay L$10 per slide to upload and integrate using textures
  • HTML based, customizable replacement of the Second Life "Find" system, which is grossly outdated and hasn't scaled well in many areas (IE: events list, popular places, etc.)
  • Ability to use SL's amazing collaboritive environment to work on web sites as a team.
  • Easy ability to see your detailed transaction history on the web without having to fidget with a separate browser.
  • Building in-world tutorials with rich media will be incredibly easy.
  • Instant access to the BadGeometry LSL scripting wiki.
  • Updating Second Life's help section with rich media instead of just text that is tied to a client version; help section can be updated constantly without a new build or client download. This will be a huge help for Mentors, Live Helpers, and other volunteers as the help section will actually be usable and user-friendly.
  • And of course... zOMG pr0n!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and my personal list of exciting prospects; I'm sure there are thousands of more that others are prepping for as well. What are some of yours? The possibilities around this feature are truly as endless as the web itself!

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